Raw Turmeric Pickle – A winter delight

I am back from my 3 week long year-end break. Being away from the mundane daily routine and taking some time out for yourself always helps to rejuvenate and gives boost to the moral as well. But this time when I had gone on the vacation, my mind was constantly looking for something new which I had never tired before. So I decided to make pickle! Pickles are very interesting accompaniments which bring out charm in your meal.

Winter is such a delightful season when you get the ingredients like raw Turmeric. Raw turmeric has distinct flavor and a mesmerising aroma. For a change, making pickle of raw Turmeric gives a different experience to your palate.



  • Fresh raw Turmeric 200 gms
  • Oil 6 table spoon
  • Salt 2 table spoon
  • Ready made pickle masala 4 table spoon
  • Lime juice from 1 and 1/2 lime


First heat the oil in a wok and once the oil is heated, keep it aside to cool it down a bit.

Now wash the fresh turmeric under running water and pat dry with kitchen napkin.

Now peel off the skin of Turmeric. Remember that it leaves yellow stain. So if you want to avoid the yellow stains on your palms, apply oil beforehand.

Chop the turmeric into vertical small pieces.

In a bow mix the ready made pickle masala, salt, oil and chopped turmeric.

Mix everything and add lime juice.

Store the pickle in the glass jar. Put it in the sun for two days so that spices gets mixed with pickle very well.

Try this pickle with any kind of paratha or even with plain chapathi.





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